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Donald Trump

Donald Trump low poly 3D model. Ready for rigging and animation. Textures are 2k, PSD file of color map where every part is on separate layer is included, if you need to change colors, saturation, contrast etc, you can easy do so. Normal map is baked. UV map is without overlapping.

OBJ, FBX and MAX files are included. Every part is on it's own material and object group. Everything is named in logical manner so that you can easily manage when assigning materials. Renders are from sketchfab using PBR renderer. Textures are painted primary for PBR, to be used in Unity, Unreal 4 or similar engine. 3ds max 2016 file is included. Materials are not included in max file. Only basic max materials are assigned in FBX file. Every material is on it's own viewport, it is logically named, so that you can easily assign your own shaders and materials for your own favorite renderer.

If you want the files, you can get them here:

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Donald Trump

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