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Elephant seal

When i saw this funny looking animal on TV documentary, i simply had to make it. :)

Mesh in low poly, UV mapped. UV map is clean without stretching and overlapping. All textures are 4K, made in substance painter ready for game engine.

Files included:

-Low poly UV mapped mesh OBJ file.
-Low poly UV mapped mesh FBX file.
-Belnder cycles file with materials, but textures will have to be loaded manually on to nodes. (all textures provided)
-High poly OBJ file.
-Hollow stl file optimized for 3D printing
-Solid stl file
-Textures in 4K resolution png format. Textures included: Color map, Carvature map, Normal map, Speculariti map. All textures are baked in substance painter. Note, green channel on normal map is inverted in photoshop after bake. Eyes are simple spheres with one solid color diffuse and other glass (transparent glossy) material. Eyes are not UV mapped.
Mesh is not rigged, not animated.
Get the file here:

Tom veg screenshot004
Tom veg screenshot002
Tom veg screenshot011
Tom veg screenshot007
Tom veg screenshot010
Tom veg screenshot009

Elephant Seal

Tomislav veg wire 1
Tomislav veg wire 2
Tomislav veg wire 3
Tomislav veg spec

spec map

Tomislav veg carvature

carvature map

Tomislav veg color

color map

Tomislav veg normal

normal map

Tomislav veg front
Tomislav veg side
Tomislav veg hollow 2
Tomislav veg solid
Tomislav veg hollow 3
Tomislav veg top
Tomislav veg pers
Tomislav veg hollow
Tom veg screenshot008