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Dino hybrid: Triceratops-Scorpion

Idea was to create some sort of dinosaur hybrid. I combined Triceratops with scorpion. This is the result. Creature is omnivore. It can attack or defend with horns on his head like Triceratops, and with his venomous tail like scorpion. It have one extra pair of legs to help him balance his massive body when he swings his tail in attack/defend mode.

Tomislav veg prezentacija 1


Tomislav veg blender poza 1 fw

Scene in blender.

Tomislav veg boja texutra fw

Texture map, textured in mudbox. UV unwraped in 3ds-Max.

Tomislav veg render 3 natpis fw

Second pose Triceropion

Tomislav veg front

ZBrush sculpt BPR render front

Tomislav veg perspektiva

ZBrush sculpt BPR render perspective

Tomislav veg side

ZBrush sculpt BPR render side